Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials [Third Edition]

Ideally suited for students in critical care rotations and residents, this concise, practical handbook presents the essentials of medical and surgical critical care in an easy-to-read format. The authors succinctly explain the pathophysiology underlying clinical disorders and the key principles of diagnosis and patient management, emphasizing cost-effective approaches. The Third Edition features greatly expanded coverage of surgical critical care and new information on echocardiography, hemodynamics, circulatory support, hazards of excessive fluid resuscitation, lasix drips, respiratory monitoring, post-extubation care, weaning from ventilators, sedation, use of opiates, new drugs, emergency room interventions for myocardial infarction, stroke management, infectious disease issues, and sepsis. . See larger image Critical Care Medicine: The Essentials [Third Edition] (Paperback) By (author) John J. Marini, Arthur P. Wheeler List Price: $ 74.95 USD New From: $ 17.99 In Stock Used from: $ 4.39 In Stock


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