The Shining

By Stephen King
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The Shining is a 1977 horror novel by American author Stephen King. The title The Shining was inspired by the John Lennon song “Instant Karma!”, which contained the line “We all shine on…”. The Shining was Stephen King‘s third published novel, and first hardback bestseller. The success of the book The Shining firmly established Stephen King as a preeminent author in the horror genre. A film based upon the book, The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick, was released in 1980. The book The Shining was later adapted into a television mini-series in 1997.
The book The Shining is dedicated to Stephen King‘s son, Joseph: “This is for Joe Hill King, who shines on.”
Jack Torrance is a temperamental alcoholic and aspiring writer. He is trying to rebuild his life after previously breaking his son Danny’s arm in a drunken rage and assaulting a pupil at a Vermont prep school where he was a teacher. After losing his teaching position and giving up drinking, Jack accepts a job as a winter caretaker at the large, isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado to rebuild his life with his family and write a new play. Jack, his wife Wendy, and their clairvoyant son, Danny, move into the Overlook…

Danny’s clairvoyance makes him sensitive to supernatural forces. Shortly after the family’s initial arrival at the hotel, Danny and the hotel chef, Dick Hallorann, talk privately to discuss Danny’s talent and the hotel’s sinister nature. Dick informs Danny that he shares Danny’s abilities (though to a lesser degree), as did Dick’s grandmother, who called it “shining”. Dick warns Danny to avoid Room 217, and reassures him that the things he may see are merely pictures which cannot harm him. The conversation ends with Dick saying to Danny, “If there is trouble…you give a shout.”
The hotel has a personality in its own right, and acts as a psychic lens: it manipulates the living and the dead for its own purposes, and magnifies the psychic powers of any living people who reside there and makes them more sensitive to its urgings. Danny has premonitions of the hotel’s danger to his family and begins seeing ghosts and frightening visions from the hotel’s past, but puts up with them in the hope that they are not dangerous in the present. Although Danny is close to his father, he does not tell either of his parents about his visions because he senses that the care-taking job is important to his father and the family’s future. Wendy thinks about taking Danny away from the Overlook to leave Jack there to finish the job on his own, but Danny refuses, thinking his father will be happier if they stayed. Danny soon realizes that his presence in the hotel makes it more powerful, however, and enables it to make objects and situations dangerous that would normally not be dangerous, like topiary animals that come to life.

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The Shining by Stephen King: The hotel has difficulty possessing Danny, so it begins to possess Jack, frustrating his need and desire to work. Jack becomes increasingly unstable, and the sinister ghosts of the hotel gradually begin to overtake him. One day he goes to the bar of the hotel, previously empty of alcohol, and finds it fully stocked. As he gets drunk, the hotel attempts to use Jack to kill Wendy and Danny in order to absorb Danny’s psychic abilities. Wendy and Danny get the better of Jack, locking him into the walk-in pantry, but the ghost of Delbert Grady, a former caretaker who murdered his family and then committed suicide, releases him. Wendy discovers that they are completely isolated at the Overlook, as Jack has sabotaged the hotel’s snowmobile and smashed the CB radio in the office. Jack strikes Wendy with one of the hotel’s roque mallets, breaking three ribs, a kneecap, and one vertebra in her back. Wendy stabs Jack in the small of his back with a large butcher knife, then crawls away to the caretaker’s suite and locks herself in the bathroom, with Jack in pursuit. Jack tries to break the door with the mallet, but before he unlocks the door she keeps him back by cutting him with some razor blades.
Hallorann, working at a winter resort in Florida, hears Danny’s psychic call for help and rushes back to the Overlook. Jack leaves Wendy in the bathroom and ambushes Hallorann, shattering his jaw and giving him a concussion with the mallet, before setting off after Danny. Danny distracts Jack by saying “You’re not my daddy,” having realized that the Overlook had completely taken over Jack by playing on his alcoholism. Jack temporarily regains control of himself and tells Danny, “Run away. Quick. And remember how much I love you.” Danny tells Jack that the unstable boiler is going to explode. In response, Jack rushes to the basement. Danny and Wendy reunite in the lobby and with Hallorann, they flee the Overlook. Though Jack tries to relieve the boiler pressure, it explodes, destroying the hotel. The building’s spirit makes one last desperate attempt to possess Hallorann and make him kill Danny and Wendy, but he shakes it off and brings them to safety.
Stephen King‘s novel The Shining ends with Danny and Wendy summering at a resort in Maine where Hallorann, the head chef, talks with Danny and comforts him over the loss of his father. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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