Dead and Alive

By Dean Koontz
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Dead and Alive is the third novel in the first trilogy of Dean Koontz‘s Frankenstein series. Originally intended to be co-authored by Ed Gorman and Dean Koontz, Dean Koontz stated that he would be writing this alone. by Dean Koontz.
Deucalion, the legendary monster, is a heroic figure dedicated to battling the evil that gave him life. The megalomaniacal Victor Helios has unleashed his engineered killers on modern-day New Orleans. Detectives Carson O’Connor and Michael Maddison are Deucalion’s all-too-human partners trying to end the reign of terror of Helios’s killers…

Frankenstein: Dead and Alive by Dean Koontz: Dean Koontz‘s Frankenstein is the collective title of five novels co-written by Dean Koontz. Though technically of the mystery or thriller genres, the Frankenstein novels also feature the trappings of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.
The first three Frankenstein books form a trilogy: Prodigal Son, co-written with Kevin J. Anderson, was published in 2004; City of Night, co-written with Ed Gorman, was published in 2005; and Dead and Alive, written without a co-writer, was released on July 28, 2009. (At the same time that the final Frankenstein novel’s authorship was confirmed, having previously been slated as by Dean Koontz & Ed Gorman, Koontz’s ‘collaborators’ on the earlier novels were retrospectively removed as co-authors, and all new editions of the novels are credited as by Dean Koontz alone.)
A fourth novel, Lost Souls, was published in May 2010, and a fifth, The Dead Town, was released on May 24, 2011. Although it was originally announced that fourth, fifth and sixth novels would form a second trilogy, the cover for the The Dead Town states it is the final volume …

Victor Frankenstein, having applied his own research to extending his own mortality, is now known to the world as Victor Helios. To the public, Helios is a philanthropic millionaire and a beneficiary to mankind. In reality, he has experienced much in two hundred years since he created a man from fragments of the corpses of criminals. However, in secret, Helios has become obsessed with overthrowing true humans, which he refers to as “the Old Race,” and replacing them with his superior creations.
After the failure of his first rebellious monster, he put himself through extensive bodily modifications to extend his life span and increase his physical power (the details are unknown, but it is hinted he used a method similar to that which created the monster, possibly replacing organs from healthy victims over the years). This process has left his physical form scarred and deformed. Unknown to all, he had created a clone of himself, who has the same goal as his original but considers himself to be as foolish as the humans he tries to replace. He created a new patch that call themselves the community and after seeing his plans of human extinction come to pass, he intends to kill the community so that he can be the last creature on earth.
He is naturally extremely arrogant, which has resulted in a degree of carelessness and inability to realize his own failures. For this reason in the second book the programing to prevent killing of humans is breaking, and two of his creations have experienced severe mutations. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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