Rheumatology: Clinical Scenarios – March 2011 Edition

Rheumatology: Clinical Scenarios is a case-based learning tool for trainees in rheumatology. Professor Efim Benenson presents 73 clinical scenarios and 156 clinical images for the student of rheumatology to diagnose, whilst his expert commentary is provided in a separate section. As a further diagnostic aid, two ‘Rheumatology Trees’ are provided which summarize in turn the articular and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as the connective tissue disorders and vasculitides. Professor Benenson’s practice-oriented, didactic approach, and innovative organization of the rheumatic diseases is a valuable diagnostic aid to practicing rheumatologists and those teaching or training in rheumatology. Readers are recommended the companion book, Rheumatology: Syndromes and Symptoms, for further reading on Professor Benensons’s organization of the rheumatic diseases. . GET IT HERE . http://hotfile.com/dl/112809675/a8a8b3c/Rheumatology__Clinical_Scenarios.pdf.html See larger image Rheumatology: Clinical Scenarios (Paperback) By (author) Efim Benenson List Price: $ 29.95 USD New From: $ 29.95 In Stock


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