Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension

This best-selling clinical reference by a world-renowned authority on hypertension was listed as the #1 reference book for hypertension by the American Society for Hypertension in 2006. Dr. Kaplan integrates the latest basic science findings and clinical trial data and presents up-to-date, practical, evidence-based recommendations for treatment and prevention of all forms of hypertension. Abundant algorithms and flow charts are included to aid clinicians in decision-making. For this Tenth Edition, Dr. Kaplan has a co-author, Ronald Victor, MD, to handle the basic research aspects of hypertension. Highlights include new developments in the pathogenesis of hypertension; discussions on the significance of nighttime blood pressure; new information on the relationship of sleep apnea to blood pressure; updates on diagnosing primary aldosteronism; and detailed information on the latest antihypertensive drugs, including combination drugs. . GET IT HERE . http://www.filesonic.com/file/1002004611/Kaplan_s_Clinical_Hypertension__.chm See larger image Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension (Clinical Hypertension (Kaplan)) (Hardcover) By (author) Norman M. Kaplan, Ronald G. Victor List Price: $ 99.00 USD New From: $ 60.00 In Stock Used from: $ 57.99 In Stock


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